What can you expect?

When you come to Pleasant Prairie Baptist Church, you will find:

1. A Church focused on Jesus - this is His Church and our relationship with God is only through Him

2. A Church unshamed of declaring the whole truth of Scripture - even if speaking the truth is countercultural

3. A Church that celebrates a a variety of music

4. A Church that seeks to communicate the timeless message of Scripture in a timely way using a modern translation

5. A Church that has a God sized vision for the future - we see the future not by where we are but by what God wants to do

6. A Church that cares about people - God looks at the heart and does not judge the appearance

7. A Church that cares about our Community, State, Nation, and World


I think you will find the sermon notes a unique way to share God's Word.  When you come, you will find separate notes that have the following:



The Church that Jesus commissioned is a Church that challenges individuals to follow Him and make disciples.   As your pastor, I am seeking to do everything I can to encourage that process.

If you use these sermon notes, you will notice some important aspects I pray are helpful:

  1. The sermon will complete the Church Bible study for the previous week.  (Ask for study material)
  2. As we go through the notes today, there are blanks I will ask you to fill in as well as personal insight blanks.
  3. On the back side of these notes is a weekly schedule for further study at home.
  4. This sermon, your notes, and the Gospel Project material are intended to move Bible study into an intentional, discipleship process.

I want to encourage you to have a personal study and a family study!  When you come to church, every age will be studying the same passage for maximum impact! (Deuteronomy 6)

May our God deepen us in His Word!

Pastor Matt